Pre-Operative Instructions

Transportation To Surgery Appointment

1. Arrange for an adult (over 18) to drive you home and stay with you until the next day to help you with meds, dressing changes and to keep an eye out for any major complications. They do not need to stay at our office during your surgery, but should be within 10 minutes away and be prepared to receive your post-care instructions and help you with bandages and medications once you get home.

What Should I Bring?

2. We offer free WiFi if they would like to bring a digital device for their personal entertainment while they wait. They should leave their contact information at the front desk if they leave during your surgery. We may contact them regarding your care after you are home.

2. Pack all prescribed medications to bring with you on the day of surgery. Often we give oral pain medication prior to or right after surgery. Leave them with your caregiver during surgery, and we will access them after your surgery if we need to. Do not take any medications before you get here unless Dr. Howard has instructed you to do so. Make sure Dr. Howard’s office is aware of any medications you take regularly, or any you’ve been withholding. Also make sure you have informed them of any meds that you are allergic to, or if you have reactions to topicals, tapes, adhesives, latex, betadine, etc.

How Should I Prepare The Night Before My Surgery?

3. Shower the evening before or in the morning of surgery with antibacterial soap. Do not apply any makeup, lotions, or deodorants. You will not be able to shower again until 48 hours after surgery, though you may desire to sponge or wipe areas other than the surgical site before then.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses?

4. Do not wear contacts, or be prepared to remove them upon arrival.

Can I Wear Jewelry?

5. DO NOT WEAR ANY JEWELRY (remove any rings, wedding rings, or any other piercings or metals). Metals can be very dangerous during surgery and may cause severe burns. They will have to be removed prior to your procedure.

Do I Need To Fast Before My Surgery?

6. If you are having an in-office procedure without IV anesthesia, you do not have to fast. In fact, we ask that you have something very light to eat or drink 1-2 hours before your procedure time (ex: granola bar and juice). It will help to have something on your stomach when taking the oral medications. If your surgery is at the hospital and you will be having anesthesia, you will be required to withhold food and water.Do not eat or drink anything (not even water) for 8 hours prior to surgery. If your surgery is in the morning, do not have any intake after midnight. If you have an afternoon surgery, consider getting up very early (8 hrs before surgery time) to have a clear liquid (seven-up, apple juice) and something light (eg. a piece of toast).

What Can I Bring To My Surgery Appointment?

7. Do not bring any valuables (money/cell phone) or leave them with your caregiver/driver prior to surgery. We do not have any place to store them that would be locked. Bring a bag for storing your clothing and personal items during your surgery.

Is There Any Medication I Should Take Before My Procedure?

8. Apply your scopolamine (anti-nausea) patch, if prescribed, the pm before surgery if your surgery is in the morning, or in the am if your surgery is in the afternoon. The longer it is in your system, the more effective it will be, but it does make you thirsty and drowsy, and possibly have blurred vision. It is okay to have it on during your shower if necessary. Unless you are having adverse side effects, it is beneficial to leave this patch on for 72 hours to relieve nausea from the medications.

What Should I Wear To My Surgery Appointment?

9. Wear light, loose fitting garments and flat comfortable shoes to surgery. Our nurses will help you get dressed after surgery. Please wear something that opens down the front so they do not have to pull it over your head. (Bring adhesive sanitary items if you feel they will be necessary while you are here).

10. If you have a long drive home, you may want to bring comfort items for the ride such as a blanket/pillow, crackers/7up, baggie or tray in case of nausea. Consider pre-purchasing a stool softener for your recovery since pain medications are constipating.

What Should I Expect When I Arrive To My Surgery Appointment?

11. Unless you’ve had a tubal or hysterectomy, we will likely be required to perform a urine stick pregnancy test prior to your surgery. You should not use the restroom once you get here until that has been determined.

12. Once you are prepped, your caregiver can stay with you until it is time for you to go into surgery.

What Should I Expect After My Surgery?

13. We try to anticipate your surgery time as close as we can, though it is not always exact. Tell your caregiver not to be worried if your surgery goes a little longer than anticipated. We will let them know just as soon as your surgery is over. When you are stable and awakening, they will be allowed to see you and stay in the room with you while you finish recovering.

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