“Preparing for an abdominalplasty was a serious decision and it has taken me 3 years and 6 consultations with 4 different surgeons to finally feel comfortable enough to get this surgery.

I want to start out with how comfortable Dr. Howard made me feel on my first visit with her. Durring consultations with other surgeons I was asked to completely disrobe a nurse took pictures of me and then I met with the doctor to talk about the surgery options while I stood disrobed in front of them. It was a very vulnerable and uncomfortable situation. However during my visit with Dr. Howard I came into a warm inviting room completely clothed to discuss the surgery options, my questions and concerns. She spent a long time with me to answered any question I had, looked at pictures of her previous surgeries and I was never completely disrobed in front of her. Even when pictures were taken, at my preop visit, I lifted my shirt and slightly lowered my pants. Dr. Howard talked positively about me rather than focusing on the negative flaws I had. I left that first consultation with her feeling empowered, excited and confident that to move forward with this surgery. I knew I had found the perfect surgeon.

The one thing I was most worried about was the scar placement. I was told by other surgeons that my scar would be above the my bikini line and I was considering ruling out surgery all together. While Dr. Howard and I reviewed her picture gallery, I noticed every patient had a scar below the bikini line as I desired and she assured me mine would be too.

Dr. Howard 100% prepared me for the surgery, what to expect, how to handle my anxiety and gave educated advice on the healing process. After the surgery she was very easy to contact if I had questions and concerns. The healing process was easy and quick for me and I zero complications. I attribute the healing sucess to being very well prepared and dedicated to the process.

This has been the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I live a life of fitness and my career choices have always revolved around physical activity. However, after my pregnancy I was left with loose skin, damaged muscles and my progress in physical fitness was unnoticeable. I wore loose clothes to cover up the damage, I wasn’t comfortable being intimate with my husband and my self esteem hit rock bottom. Now my confidence is back, I have have a flat stomach, tight abs, gorgeous oblique lines, a cute belly button and my scar is below the bikini line. All the physical attributes are amazing to have but more importantly I’ve healed my self esteem, my marriage and I’m more confident in my career as I inspire to grow my talents and education to a larger online audience.

Dr. Howard changed my life in more ways than I expected and I’m so thankful and blessed to have found her to guide me through this amazing journey.”