Tummy tuck patients can often benefit from touch up procedures to improve their result, even years after the procedure. A good result can turn into a great one with a little post-operative re-visionary surgery. Many patients feel like it’s icing on the cake if they return for liposuction of the upper abdomen, groin and hips to contour areas not addressed by the original surgery. While performing a tummy tuck, it is important for your surgeon to maintain good vascular flow to the skin, so add-ons such as extensive liposuction make healing a bit riskier.

Other touch up procedures after tummy tuck surgery include removal of the “dog ear” puckers at the end of the incisions, or excision of areas where the scar may have widened or the skin relaxed a little too much after the swelling dissipated. Revisions can be done months to years after the original surge ry.

Most revisions can be done as minor procedures with very little down time.